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Amsterdam for Smokers

Amsterdam by public transport

Another easy way to travel around Amsterdam is by public transport, the GVB (Amsterdam Public Transport Company) serves lots of busses, metros (subway or underground trains), and trams throughout Amsterdam day and night.

Public Transport Info
The GVB Tickets & Info desk on the Stationsplein opposite the Central Station can provide you with personal information on all the possibilities offered by public transport in Amsterdam. The desk also sells transport tickets and maps for all Amsterdam bus, tram and metro routes (only € 1,-), and offers various attractive excursions

More information on the Public Tranport Company's website

You can use the so-called 'strippenkaart' (bus and tram card). If you use this card, you should be aware that Amsterdam is divided into different zones.
The division of the zones is shown on the maps of all bus, tram stops and metro routes located at all bus and tram stops and metro stations.

This card can also be purchased from GVB Tickets & Info. The network map shows you how many zones you have to travel through to reach your destination. You then stamp the number of zones on your 'strippenkaart', plus one extra 'strip'.
In other words, if you are travelling in one zone, you should have two strips stamped. For two zones, you should stamp three strips, etc. Stamping one, two or three zones entitles you to travel on all GVB transport within the number of zones stamped for a period of one hour.

If you don't know how many 'strips' you should stamp, ask the conductor or driver. They will then stamp your card for you.

Make sure that your ticket is valid
Your ticket is only valid after it has been stamped. The driver or the conductor can do this. In trams without a conductor, you should stamp your ticket yourself in one of the yellow stamp machines. Fold the 'strippenkaart' at the correct number of strips and insert it into the machine. You must calculate the number of zones you will be travelling in/through yourself. When having the 'strippenkaart' stamped, only the last strip of the number of strips required must be stamped. The strip or strips before should remain unstamped. It's compulsory to be in possession of a valid ticket throughout the journey.

Ticket control
When using public transport facilities, you can sometimes be asked to show your ticket by a controller. If you are not in possession of a valid ticket, you risk a fine of € 37,40. This fine must be paid immediately.

Where to buy
You can buy your strippenkaart from the conductor or driver. But you’re better of buying one from machines in the train stations and metro stations or at most tabocco stores and Albert Heijn supermarkets. When you buy a strippenkaart outside the bus or tram you’ll get a card with 15 strips on it, which is a lot cheaper then buying a ticket in the tram or bus.

24 hours ticket
If you’re planning to travel a lot using the public transport, the easiest way is buying a 24 hours ticket, also available in a 48 hours and 72 hours version. These tickets are available at the following sales points:

  • The sales machines in tramline 5 and 51
  • At the metro stations
  • Drivers, conductors
  • The VVV Amsterdam Tourist Board offices.

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