Amsterdam For Smokers

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Amsterdam for Smokers

Airport transportation

When you arrive at Schiphol Airport you’ve got several options to travel to Amsterdam. There's shuttle busses, taxis and trains.



The best way to travel to Amsterdam is by train. It’s fast and cheap and brings you right to the city centre.

Schiphol station
Schiphol station is situated directly below the airport. You can leave your free baggage trolley at the platform.

Train tickets
Train tickets are available from the yellow ticket machines near the platforms at Schiphol Plaza. Tickets (for domestic and international travel) are also available from the ticket offices, which are situated close to the red/white-checked cube at Schiphol Plaza. Staff at the ticket offices will also be able to provide you with train departure information.
Get used to the Ticket machine

Night train
If you are departing/arriving at night or in the early morning, the NS night network could be the answer. The night trains travel once an hour between Utrecht CS - Amsterdam CS - Schiphol - Leiden CS - Den Haag CS - Delft and Rotterdam CS and vice versa.

Train stations in Amsterdam
Travelling from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam by train gives you the opportunity to travel to several train stations. Two major routes are going to Amsterdam, the first is going to Amsterdam Centraal (Central Station), in some cases this train stops at Amsterdam Lelylaan (South-West) and Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The other major route will stop at Duivendrecht (South-East) and in some cases at Amsterdam Zuid/WTC. If your accommodation is close to the Vondelpark or Leidseplein area, you might consider leaving the train at Amsterdam Lelylaan or Amsterdam Zuid WTC. From there it’s easy to travel by tram. It saves you about 10 minutes and a huge crowd at Amsterdam Central station.

For more information visit the website of Dutch Rail.

Schiphol Hotel Shuttle

Some hotels offer a coach service between Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. This Schiphol Hotel Shuttle leaves Amsterdam Schiphol airport every 10 minutes. The shuttle takes you to more than 100 in Amsterdam. Check the website if your hotel is one of them.

Read more information on the Schiphol Hotel Shuttle.


Just outside Schiphol Plaza it’s easy to get a taxi that can bring you to Amsterdam. Be aware that taxis in The Netherlands are quite expensive.

Another option is a Schiphol Travel Taxi, which can be ordered in advance. You can choose between a private taxi or a shared taxi. On the Schiphol airport website you can order and pay a taxi in advance. Please visit the Schiphol website for more details.

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