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Amsterdam for Smokers

Renting a Bike in Amsterdam

Rent a Bike

It's fast, it's great fun and it's perfect if you are a little too stoned too sit in the tram on your tour from coffeeshop to coffeeshop. The city is designed for cycling, in Amsterdam the bicycle rules the road. Virtually everyone in Amsterdam owns a bike. It's good for the environment and it's the way to see a lot of Amsterdam.

The city is very bike friendly, separate bike lanes line most major streets. Cost are about €15-20 per day. Make sure to get a good lock, and to use it; Amsterdam has many bike thieves. Note that if you are offered to buy a bike at prices of a day´s rent they are probably stolen bikes.


MacBike Amsterdam Quality bicycles (also with manual brakes).

Bike City Inconspicious bicycles so you don't look like a tourist right away. Sounds good eh 


Buy a Bike - Cheap Bikes For Sale

Staying longer ? You may want to buy your wheels while you're in Amsterdam. You can buy a bike for a good price from this company called Recycled Bicycles , and they'll buy it back from you when you leave. Prices range from 30-75 euro. They also do cheap rentals.

Recycled Bicycles


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