Amsterdam For Smokers

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Amsterdam for Smokers


This museum is completely dedicated to the cannabis plant and its many uses.
The Netherlands Maritime Museum is housed in the National Naval Depot, a former arsenal of the Dutch Navy that is over 300 years old. The unique and superb collection tells the story of the maritime past of the Netherlands. The jetty outside the Museum provides a permanent berth for a replica of the Dutch East Indiaman 'Amsterdam' Actors playing the sailors provide a life-like impression of life on board the Amsterdam.
An archaeology museum of the University of Amsterdam. Greek, Egyptian and Roman Empire art objects are on display here.
Learn more about Amsterdam's rich history.
Located at the orginal Heineken brewery. Learn more about the history of Heineken and the traditional craft of brewing.
It has the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world. Also has other exhibitions on various subjects from 19th century art history.
World famous institution, has a collection of wax figures of dutch and international celebrities.
Largest science centre in the Netherlands. Nemo has alot of different attractions that will inform you about the latest things in the field of science and technology.
One of the largest anthropological museums of europe, with an impressive collection of artifacts from all over the world.
The Dutch museum for cinematography.
One of the oldest botanic gardens in the world, founded in 1638.
Impressive selection of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age.
Houses the modern art collection of the Amsterdam City Council. Consists of more than 100.000 objects.

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