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Amsterdam for Smokers

Amsterdam Festivals

Amsterdam offers a variety of festivals throughout the year and especially during the summer months.

Amsterdam Roots Festival
The music styles at this festival are from all over the world, creating a combination of various global musical influences. This is an experience you will never forget and can't afford to miss.

Holland Festival
Every year this trend-setting and innovative festival marks the high point of the cultural season in Holland. What can you expect? Alot of music, opera, theatre, dramatic arts and dance througout locations in Amsterdam.

Kwakoe Festival
This is a weekend event that takes place over 5 weeks. This makes for 20 days of  dancing, eating and anything else in between. Chill out on a hot summer day with theatre, music, film, literature, sport and everything on offer at this very buzzing multicultural and family-oriented festival.

At several locations in the centre of Amsterdam you will be able to visit more than 80 (classical) concerts. The concerts will take place in concert halls, historic buildings, museums and in the area around the Prinsengracht.

Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
This film festival features a wide range of film genres like thriller, anime, cult, horror and sci-fi. Screenings will take place at the Filmmuseum Cinerama, the Melkweg cinema and the Jeugdtheater De Krakeling.

Jordaan Festival
A large street festival to mark the diversity of this former working class district.  Usually it consists of opera and cabaret, a flea market , an auction and several cool
events for children.


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