Amsterdam For Smokers

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Amsterdam for Smokers

Things to Do in Amsterdam

Ok, so it doesn't make you look cool. It does make for the fastest and most fun way to get around Amsterdam.
In addition to being a Zoo and Aquarium, Artis is also a Botanical garden, Zoological Museum, Geological Museum and Planetarium.
Great place to play games or just lay in the sun and smoke. Feeling active ? You could rent skeelers in the bar at the far end of the park near Amstelveense weg.
Detailed information about the best museums in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam has several (flea) markets where you can find cheap but nice head supplies, clothes, books, souvenirs, groceries and much more.
A different view of the city. Amsterdam looks best from the water. Did you know that Amsterdam has 165 canals and 1281 bridges ?
Ever had a good smoke in a sauna ?
Want to go to a play, ballet or musicshow ? Amsterdam has several famous theaters.
Amsterdam is well known for its summer festivals. Here you will find more info about the various festivals in the Amsterdam area.
Cool events and happenings in and around Amsterdam
Entry to Vondelpark

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