Amsterdam For Smokers

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Amsterdam for Smokers

Guidebooks & Maps of Amsterdam

Get Lost! The Cool Guide to Amsterdam

Great money-saving tips and insightful cultural info...extremely user-friendly and with lots of attention for things smokers might like. Highly recommended to bring with you when you visit Amsterdam.

 This book will tell you how to:

  • Bed down at the Hemp Hotel - in a room all decked out in hemp fabrics and decor 
  • Smoke hand-rolled hash, by candlelight, while reclining on mirror-studded Kashmiri pillows 
  • Catch deejays spinning tunes - jungle, drum 'n' bass, techno, punk, goth, garage 
  • Buy penis-shaped pasta or glow-in-the dark condoms for a loved-one back home 
  • Find a collectable European LP by your favourite musician at a used record store 
  • Get dosed at a smart shop that sells magic mushrooms and rare psychoactive plants
  • Visit the Hash Museum
  • Hire a call girl from a fully-legal, women-owned, prostitutes' collective

And much more!


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