Amsterdam For Smokers

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Amsterdam for Smokers

De Rokerij



The interior of the four coffeeshops called 'De Rokerij' is influenced by the Asian andDe Rokerij Indian cultures. The result is a mystical atmosphere where people can relax while listening to a variety of music. (Salsa, traditional jazz, South African and Indian) It's an excellent place to hang out and enjoy high quality grass and hash at affordable prices.
De Rokerij has won third Place in the Coffeeshop Cup in 1997 and a second Place medal in the best coffeeshop category in 1998. If you want to go for the complete experience be sure to visit one of the other Rokerij Coffeeshops. Each one is different and has it's own unique ambience and style.


Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
Singel 8
Amstel 8
Elandsgracht 53

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