Amsterdam For Smokers

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Amsterdam for Smokers

The Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Coffeeshops ?

Any establishment advertising itself as a "coffeeshop" (as opposed to a café) in the Netherlands is likely to be a place where you can buy and smoke cannabis.

They are called coffee shops because since they do not have an alcohol serving licence, and most do actually also serve coffee. Coffeeshops are strongly controlled by the government, and any shop selling soft drugs to minors, or selling hard drugs is immediately closed.

Note the Dutch use the exact word 'Coffeeshop'. The translated Dutch for coffeeshop,  "koffiehuis", spelt with a k is more similar to what is called a coffee shop in the U.S.

Pot should never be bought on the street in Amsterdam. The minimum age for purchase is 18. Coffeeshops can sell up to five grams of marijuana per person per day.

Recommended Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Good mix of locals and tourists. Not among the cheapest but they sell good stuff and have an interesting menu with types of smokes you won't easily find elsewhere.
Cosy coffeeshop selling good smokes. A favourite with locals in the 'Pijp' area.
Worth a visit. Several coffeeshops with the same name can be found in the city centre, each one is different and unique. For affordable high quality grass or hash go here.
First artistic cafe-coffeeshop of Holland, nice atmosphere and great quality grass.
Two shops, one is small (the orginal Grasshopper) and the other one is quite large. The orginal is a nice coffeeshop and the other one is huge, it also has two bars and a restaurant.
Great coffeeshop, also famous because the crew of the famous movie "ocean's 12' spend time there while filming in Amsterdam.
De tweede kamer is one of the oldest coffeeshops in Amsterdam and is famous for high quality hash and grass.
A nice small coffeeshop, never crowded. They play classic rock all day long and the staff is friendly, check it out.
Nice coffeeshop/bar. They have a nice menu, it isn't cheap. But it's worth it. Very friendly atmosphere. Can be crowded so if you want to sit, be early.
Nice coffeeshop with a great menu. You can get breakfast and lunch there too. They have a big screen projector.
A good coffeeshop where they serve a decent breakfast,lunch and dinner. The marijuana and hash is really amazing.

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